EyeCon Supervision Mobile Unit

EyeCon Protection Solutions employs trailer-mounted PTZ cameras with state-of-the-art night-vision capability. The EPS SuperVision comes equipped with a 48-hour battery backup system for peace of mind when the power goes out.  SuperVision is great for construction sites, oil field locations, events or anywhere you need surveillance capability. Supervision is available for sale or rent. The EPS SuperVision Series Trailers and Minis are state-of-the-art for the ease of use and functionality. SuperVision mobile units are monitored by our own Central Monitoring Station (CMS) in Houston, Texas.

These easy to deploy trailers offer real time theft protection during your site’s most vulnerable hours. Rugged, tamper-resistant, and compact, the SuperVisions’ usefulness doesn’t stop at preventing crimes. SuperVision can be used to reveal wasted time, view potential liability issues, monitor employee issues or use to simply view oil and gas sites, construction sites, sporting events, or any other temporary site that requires on and off-site viewing. The Wi-Fi feature allows multiple users to view the cameras at the same time.  All of these features help you Increase business productivity and profitability. View more information about EyeCon SuperVision.