EyeCon Auto Tracking PTZ

What exactly is an Auto-Tracking PTZ?

Auto-Tracking PTZ cameras are designed to allow more viewing area with fewer cameras. The auto tracking features of these devices can detect motion and automatically zoom to the area of motion. As the object moves, the PTZ follows until the motion is out of field of view. The PTZ camera then returns to its home position.
Auto-PTZ cameras can be set to scan large areas as well, allowing EyeCon to monitor more of your property quickly.

Some Misconceptions of PTZ Cameras, and the EyeCon Solution

One of the misconceptions of a PTZ is that it only records what is in its field-of-view. If you look at the video of the mail truck above, you will notice there are no other moving objects. If you were to fill the same parking lot with additional moving vehicles and people, your camera may go into ‘motion-shock’ and bounce in different directions. With motion-shock in mind, EyeCon designs systems with the PTZ in its home position until your live agent uses it to scan areas that may not be covered by other surveillance. Combining the PTZ with auto-tracking makes it easier to lock onto and follow an intruder over greater spans than stationary cameras. These functions and features, combined with your live agent, gives EyeCon the tools needed to detect and follow intruders around your site, which is valuable when interacting with law enforcement that are on location.

Auto-Tracking Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras allow EyeCon agents to follow objects like the mail truck pictured here.

Animated: Mail Truck Auto Tracking