Smart Analytics

EyeCon fixes “the wheel” with analytic technology that allows EyeCon agents to manage simultaneous alerts from multiple sites, unlike most traditional video surveillance systems.

What exactly is EyeCon Video Analytics?

With smart analytics EyeCon is able to monitor more systems effectively by allowing the video technology to assist with the workload. Traditional surveillance has become obsolete as business owners realize traditional video may not be useful to law enforcement officials once a loss is experienced.

Law enforcement officials are simply overwhelmed by the number of incidents, as well as the ease of the flight of the violator. Odds are, your violator is not likely to be identified, much less captured, with traditional video surveillance systems. Criminals are also becoming more experienced due to easy access to how traditional surveillance equipment works. CCTV alone does not always assist with losses and in most cases it may provide deterrence for a while –  and if you’re lucky you get to watch a video of an unidentifiable criminal walking away with your property. Is this why you bought your security system?

Finally, EyeCon fixed the wheel with the ‘EyeCon Remote Guard’. The EyeCon Remote Guard harnesses the power of analytic information and monitors your property twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. The detection zones of EyeCon systems are only known to the EyeCon Agents. Trespassers trying to bypass alarms from a detection zone they cannot see or hear will make any offender’s next trespass his last at your location.