EyeCon Commercial Video Monitoring Services

Theft is one of the primary ways businesses can lose money, and many commercial properties will come with some sort of alarm system to try and deter the intruders. But trust that not all commercial alarm monitoring systems are the same. You want to make sure you have one that fits your business needs, as well as your security budget.

However, at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself if it is worth saving money by not having a system in place. Whether you store high priced items like cars on a dealership lot or you are protecting an area like a construction site and the equipment that you leave there, EyeCon’s business alarm monitoring service ensures your property is protected

What is Remote Guard Business Alarm Monitoring?

It’s not often while you are working at the commercial building that you get compromised, it’s generally when everyone is gone for the night. That’s where Remote Guard comes in. Your EyeCon Protection monitoring Agent watches live video sent from the cameras at your location in the state-of-the-art Monitoring Center. The cameras automatically send video to the Agent when there is motion detected on your property. If the perimeter device or the camera system sends an alarm to your agent, the agent can then verify the type of incident and take the appropriate action to protect your facility from intruders.

If the action appears to be a false alarm the agents will watch your premises closely until they are satisfied your property is not at risk.

See an Example of our Services in Action

If an incident is occurring, the agent will use an interactive audio system to warn the violator(s) that the event is being watched live and notifications are being made to the proper Authorities. While the agent is warning away the violator(s) they are also notifying the local authorities or the local security agency of your choice*.

The EyeCon Remote Guard Service method is not only more cost effective than an onsite security guard, it also enables EyeCon to monitor more of your property and prevent false alarms to the local authorities.

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How does ‘EyeCon Remote Guard Service’ work?

A Remote guard is like having three guards in one; Two are in the form of onsite electronic devices while the third is your personal agent, assigned to you, ready to respond to any alarm sent to the EyeCon Monitoring Center.

Interactive Audio System

The interactive audio system is an ideal way to reduce costs because instead of hiring three or four security guards, you will only need to hire one agent to monitor your commercial property. With the interactive audio system set up, you can deter the intruders by speaking to them through the system and let them know they are on camera and the proper authorities have been notified.

Video Monitoring Setup

Cameras are placed at strategic points on your property and send a live video feed. If they detect motion they send an alarm to our monitoring center. This allows your live agents to both verify an intrusion if the perimeter devices send out an alarm and catch intrusions that the perimeter device might miss. For example, the intruder manages to cross over or under the perimeter devices detection range. The live agent can view any camera on the property at any point by choosing live view for that particular camera.

The equipment used for monitoring isn’t going to be your traditional items that you have seen in the past. While you might think back to the videos that are used in convenient stores and the fuzzy images, you should know that a commercial alarm monitoring system will be clear and crisp. This makes it much easier to review the area and to easily see the facial features of the violators.

With state of the art equipment being used, you will also discover that this makes it easier to act on a moment’s notice because when someone is trying to break into your space, you know that you can’t predict when they will do it. The alarm system will quick to detect the intrusion, and the agent will then be able to react fast so that you don’t suffer from a major theft.

Will Remote Guard Work With My Existing Setup?

EyeCon uses a unique technology that gives us the ability to work with any existing camera system out there (IP, Analog, and even HD analog). No need to invest in all new equipment if you already have a good quality camera system in place. Give us a call to find out how we can guard your property at an affordable price with your current system.

Having an alarm system isn’t always enough when you want to prevent theft and keep your commercial property safe. When you invest in business alarm monitoring, the cameras will be placed strategically so that all angles are covered and you don’t miss the opportunity to catch the intruder because they were tucked away in a corner that the camera didn’t reach.

Experts will take into account the perimeter of your property to ensure that each camera is placed and all corners can be looked at. Then, if motion is detected, the agent can look at all areas to see where the motion is coming from.

Remote Guard vs. Other Security Services

The Cost is Affordable

If you pay for security guards, you will find that a commercial monitoring alarm system will actually be very cost effective in comparison. You will have two or more cameras that will have live video feed that can be monitored, and you will find that they can survey more areas than one security guard. Having a professional that can monitor all of these areas from one central controlled location will be more affordable than having three people on the ground doing the same job.

You Can Rest Easy

Your inventory and expensive equipment can weigh heavy on your mind if you have heard there have been break-ins in the area, or if you know that you have gaps in your security system. A commercial alarm monitoring system will give you peace of mind and leave you confident when you think about the security of your business.

Take the time to look at your current security system and make sure that you get the features listed above if you want the best results when it comes to keeping your valuable items protected. Whether you have vandalism issues at your place of business, or you have expensive items that are often the target of theft, you can save money and still have top of the line monitoring when you go with expert agents that work with the cutting edge monitoring equipment.