Business Security Cameras

EyeCon Business Security Cameras Watch Your Business 24/7

EyeCon business security cameras ensure that your business has is protected and secure 24/7. No matter what, each part of your business is monitored with real-time and recorded video. EyeCon security cameras include advanced features like pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), auto-tracking, and infrared illumination.

Our business security cameras combine PTZ with auto-tracking making our cameras more effective at locking onto and following intruders over greater spans when compared to stationary cameras. These functions and features, combined with your live agent, gives EyeCon the tools needed to detect and follow intruders around your site, which is valuable when interacting with law enforcement that are on location.

All of EyeCon’s security cameras are compatible with our Smart Analytics surveillance system. With smart analytics, EyeCon can monitor systems more effectively by allowing the video technology to assist with the workload.

How to Choose Business Security Cameras

Choosing a camera system for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make. We make it easy by offering a free, no obligation customized plan for your site. All we need is your address and you’ll receive:

  • A free quote
  • Free business security plan tailored to your site
  • Plan of action and security camera recommendations from our experts

Or just call us right now and ask how we can provide 24/7 protection.

pan tilt zoom business security camera example

Monitoring Service

We offer 24/7 business security monitoring from our Houston, TX monitoring center. Our trained security experts are watching your business around the clock prepared to notify you and the authorities at a moments notice. EyeCon’s surveillance systems even allow us to deter potential threats with audio warnings. See our system in action

Learn more about our business security systems 

Our business security monitoring is equipped to handle:

  • Analog Video Solutions
  • Digital Video Solutions
  • IP video security camera systems Pan-Tilt-Zoom and Digital Zoom control functionality.
  • And come equipped with video notifications and alerts via our Smart Analytics system